Over a million job vacancies in ICT !

Over a million job vacancies in ICT !

Skirting Science aims to help inspire young female students to consider career opportunities in the light of STEM linked workshops. At a time  of chronic unemployment in much of Europe, especially in the under 30s age group, it is hoped that this project will help young women to find fulfilling and secure employment in the future. Since it is reported from Davos this week that there needs to be further action to remedy the  skills shortage in the ever expanding  fields of technology and communications, the role of Skirting Science seems even more pertinent than ever.

The problem is well set out in the report ‘Making Education Work’ chaired by Sir Roy Anderson (http://uk.pearson.com/making-education-work.html). The transition from job-destructive technology to income creative development may well be painful process, but without the skills to equip the youngsters of today for this brave new world, employers will have to search hard for the right skills.

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