Skirting Science 2010

On Friday 30 April 2010 Skirting Science returned! This time nearly 200 Year 9 girls from 11 schools attended. There was a choice of over 20 workshops covering a diverse range of careers: from yoghurt making to boat building!

Feedback from the girls was excellent and clear demonstrates that they learnt lots about science and science careers:

‘Skirting Science has helped me realise that there are loads more jobs in science than I thought and some we could not live without.’

‘Skirting Science has shown me that science has more opportunities than what I had thought. It has given me a lot of career choices, some of which I am interested in.’

‘Skirting Science has helped me a have a little insight into the different job opportunities and the sorts of things you could be doing in a job.’

‘Today has helped me to realise how important science is.’

Skirting Science 2010 evaluation: follow this link to download an extensive evaluation of this event including background information on why Skirting Science is important.