Skirting Science 2009

‘I found the experience enlightening and most informative and would happily do the workshop again.’

‘Science is involved in everything and can be fun!’

A huge effort was put into organising Skirting Science and we’re pleased to say it paid off!  The event was a collaboration between Soroptimists International, Wyvern Community School, Weston College and the North Somerset Independent State School Partnership. It provided a unique educational and aspiration raising opportunity for nearly 200 Year 9 girls from 11 schools. The girls got to choose from 20 different workshops covering a diverse range of science careers: from paramedics to body armour.  The girls had a great day:

I have enjoyed all of the activities I have done today, it was a great experience.’  

A lot of the girls had their eyes opened to the wide range of science careers:

‘Science is involved in everything and can be fun!’

The teachers were also very positive about the experience. This teacher’s feedback was typical:

The students greatly enjoyed Skirting Science. One very turned off student came back from the paramedics glowing. It has made them realise they can work with other people.’