Why Run A Workshop?

Good question!  The best people to answer are the workshop presenters themselves.  Here’s what they have to say about Skirting Science:

‘Skirting Science was an enjoyable experience!  I enjoyed introducing a new audience to future careers and promoting our profession.  It’s an amazing opportunity.’

‘I had a good day.’

‘At the end of the day we had a sense of achievement because we managed to impart some of the mathematical theory.’

‘It’s an interesting challenge to teach the young girls about something they don’t really know about and it’s nice to motivate them.’

‘Skirting Science was well organised.  The girls and teachers were really interested.’

‘Skirting Science provided an insight into how the girls respond to new challenges such as working with those they don’t know.’

‘It allowed us to promote our research with the general public.  It allowed us to generate interest in our work.’

‘Skirting Science allows us to reach out and enthuse students.’

‘Skirting Science allowed us to help students understand more about their bodies and consider the various careers this leads to.  We spoke to teachers about future enrichment activities that we offer.’

‘We found delivering the workshops very rewarding as it allowed us to interact and teach, which we do not get in our normal jobs.  It was exciting and fun to see the girls genuinely interested.’

The girls really appreciate the opportunity to learn about science careers:

‘The workshops have been fun and practical.  They have shown me there are lots of opportunities and careers.’

‘Skirting Science has definitely changed my opinion about science careers.  I didn’t know that so many different things were to do with science.  I learnt that it’s a valuable skill to have in any job.’

‘Skirting Science has made me want to have a career in science because it’s been really interesting.’