Skirting Science 2011

‘It has made me realise that I can get a career in science if I wish.  It has encouraged me to consider a career in science.’

Year 9 girl talking about how Skirting Science has changed her aspirations.

‘Skirting Science has shown them how exciting science can be.  They now appreciate the variety of careers that science can lead to and thoroughly enjoyed the hands on experiences.  A really positive experience for all the girls.’

‘Pupils were able to realise the variety of careers or areas that involve science skills shown by the various workshops and talks.  This has helped them realise how important science, maths and engineering are.’

Teachers reflecting on how Skirting Science has impacted their students

On the Friday 13 May 2011 Skirting Science returned for the third time.  Nearly 250 Year 9 girls from 15 schools took part in 18 workshops at Hans Price Academy in Weston-super-Mare.  Compared to previous years a greater proportion of workshops had a physics, maths, chemistry or engineering focus as the organisers were aware that these are the areas where females are most under represented.  

Feedback from students, teachers and workshop providers was excellent.  A staggering 100% of students said they had learnt about the wide range of science careers available to them:

‘The workshops have been fun and practical. They have shown me there are lots of opportunities and careers.’ 

A further 20% said they were more likely to consider a career in science after taking part in the workshops:

‘I now know that science careers are open for lots of people and I think it is a lot more likely I will do something linked to science in the future.’

Skirting Science 2011 Evaluation of Objectives – follow this link to download a full evaluation of Skirting Science 2011